Contour That Face Honey 

ladies and gents! I have not forgotten about you, that’s why I decided to share my updated makeup routine with you. I only tend to do this look when I’m going out , but since I’ve began getting very busy with work and family I had to update my products. First let me begin to say I have very oily skin. Now u know when you have oily skin your foundation will run off your face faster than a sinner running away from church. Lol. (that was a funny 😜). 

Primer- I still use the same thing for a primer I stated to you guys in a previous post , Milk of Magnesia. It will ensure that your face stay Matte. 

Foundation – Maybelline New York Dream Mousse. Praises! Praises! I have had this foundation on all day and it is still in tact. Honestly it’s been 7 hours , and my face isn’t shiny at all. I am so so happy , because if you have oily skin you can go from looking on fleek , to looking a hot mess. 

Concealer – Mac

Blush – Maybelline 

Eyes– NYX Primer & Milk Eye Shadow Pencil. Shadow over the milk eyeshadow is Urban Decay. 

Contouring was done with my Mac (dark concealer ) and LA Girl for highlighting in Fawn. 

Hope this helped all my oily women and or men. These products used together really stopped me from looking like a bathed in grease. I will stick to these products and let you know updates in two weeks. 




4 thoughts on “Contour That Face Honey 

  1. Looking great. I to have oily skin yet milk of magnesia breaks down your skin ph and slowly causes problems so i use revlon primer that’s matte and my foundation work like a charm. Now if i do get oily i keep a kabuki brush and stoke back on my face. Contour?..hmmmm i don’t get it. I love my nose. Idk why ppl think it need to be slim plus i think less make up the flawless and better. Keep up the good work.

    • Wow , I’m going to try the Revlon and see how it will work for me. Now I’m using the NYX stay matte spray and it’s working like a charm. Thanks for reading and commenting as always ! Stay beautiful!

      • Hi! Yes I have changed my routine. Now I make sure to use a moisturizer , a heavy one , because since moving bk to the south , I needed it. I also use lighter makeup here as well , so that way it doesn’t feel so heavy on my face with this Georgia heat. Other than that it pretty much is the same. Thanks for checking in 😘

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