30 Day Facial Challenge Pictorial – Suga~Lush

When I relocated back up north my face started breaking out bad. I haven’t had such a bad breakout since my early teen years on my chin. Below you can see how bad it was . Suga~Lush came out with a facial beauty box that is great for normal, oily, and dry skin. She contacted me and asked did I mind doing a 30 Day Facial Challenge with her products .


                                   Honey Glazed Carrot Facial Bar
                                                 Facial Scrub
                                                   Beauty Oil


                                                         Day 1


                                                        Day 2       


                                                      Day 10


                                                       Day 15



BAM! Lol! Yes I see difference! Seriously! My skin is glowing and the breakout has stopped . I was using my facial bar every day, and then the facial scrub I used every day for the first week , and then went to every other three days . My beauty oil I used 3 dropper fulls, and made sure to pay attention to my t-zone area . The sides of my nose are prone to being extra dry.


How Does It Compare To Charcoal Grey ?
Now I love that Charcoal Grey Bar, but I think I’m adding this Honey Glazed Carrot Bar to my fav list. I liked the rich lather, and the smell was awesome. I even made sure to rub it in my hands to see if the lather was good.

Did The Beauty Oil Really Work?
Some oils are great for skin, they will heal the heck out of some dry , cracked, ugly skin. I used the oil without thought , only because I know that some of the ingredients I used already before. Honestly, I didn’t start to see the oil work until week two.

Facial Scrub
The scrub comes with its directions on the packaging, but u can make it as thin or thick as you want to. I made mine thick , so that means I used less water. In the beginning you will experience purging of the skin (tiny small bumps), but that’s normal. It’s only removing the toxins from the skin, that is what you want it to do. After about a week of using the product it stops.

Suga~Lush Facial Beauty Box Ordering Information
The Suga~Lush facial beauty box comes with a facial healing bar of your choice Honey Glazed Carrot, Oat & Honey, Charcoal Grey. A package of the facial scrub, and a 4oz bottle of the facial beauty oil.
You can order from the website http://www.sugalush.com.
Or info@sugalush.com
I think its a wonderful box of great products that actually work, and is 100% natural in ingredients. 

Thank you Suga~Lush for allowing me to work with you again. Always a pleasure!


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