Nightmare From Hell! Ugh ! Spiral Rods

Perm rods, flexi rods we all know of. Spiral rods we see, but many of us don’t use them. Sigh. I see why!
I purchased a kit of 108 pcs by Soft ‘N Style.


Bright cute colors right ? I got excited mainly because of the colors. I’ve had them since the beginning of summer, and never gave them a try……. till yesterday that is. I had never seen anyone use these and decided to head to YouTube and search for videos. I found about a good four videos , but none of the ladies were using the ones I had. They were the short , fat , blue and white ones. Let’s say I logged off with a mini attitude. 😳
I went in. Grabbed one and saw it was a flat hook at one end , hmmm looks like I am suppose to slide my hair through it. Then I began to fit my hair inside the grooves on the rods . These come with a little clamp that is suppose to hold your hair into place , so the rod won’t fall off your hair.



Each spiral rod comes with it’s own clamp. I like the idea of them, I just need to get the hang of them. I’ll keep practicing until I get the use to them. Practice makes perfect , right?
Since I needed my hair curled and my regular rods were packed up , I had to grab something just as good!


Lol! Thanks guys for reading , I’ll keep you posted on these bad babies! If you go purchase some , let me know how it goes. Smooches!



3 thoughts on “Nightmare From Hell! Ugh ! Spiral Rods

  1. Those spiral rods are hazardous on relaxed hair as well. I never liked them period! … It’ll take no time to get the hang of it. Remember the “crimp” wave clips in the 90’s?.. This when I discovered these AND let’s just say a more silkier type hair will take well with these or Human Hair weave. Great curls!….#pipecleanersandpaperbagpiecesneverfsils

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