Hello everyone!
As promised I am bringing you another loc head feature! I want to thank Rob so so much for letting me feature him. He’s a wonderful guy, and have the most beautiful locs. Let’s get into his interview!

How long have you had locs?

I have had them for almost 6 years now.

What made you decide to grow locs?
I used to have my hair braided before I move to another state I could not justify the cost of getting braided and refused to cut it off so I decided to get locs.

Do you have a hair regimen?

My loc is very easy to maintain it. I get my loc retwist once a month and wash my hair twice a month but it really depend on how much oil n dandruff build up.

How long did it take for you to find out which products were best for your locs?
It took me awhile to figure it out finding out which product work best for me and I try to keep it natural as I can.

Do you see yourself ever cutting your locs out?
Oh God Forbid No!!! Couldn’t imagine going back to being cut.

What do you like most about having locs?
I love the fact that my locs develop or build character that matches with my personality and can come up with different styles as well.

What’s your best advice to someone who wants to get the length that you have?
Keep it clean and maintain it properly. I found out that new growth grow faster during the locking process which is why it very important to get it retwist because if you don’t it will matted up quickly.

Thank You For Sharing Your Journey With Us





Beginning Of Loc Journey

rob 2

rob 3


rob 4

2 thoughts on “LOC LOVE FEATURING “ROB”

  1. Rob locs looks great. Ive been thinking about locking up myself but with interlocking method. Keep up the great work. They look nice!

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