Knots N Tangles Crochet Works ( Fabolous Curlies Fierce Crafter)

I love original pieces! Anything that I know that can be made just for me, and I love pieces that are creative. I have a special treat this month for you, crocheted designs! These items are not like the ones our grannies use to crochet, these are funky! Jada Davis is the owner and creator of Knots N Tangles Crochet Works. She can make anything from earrings, necklaces, down to bikinis! Yes , I said bikinis. When I first saw the swim suit she made, I said that girl has skills. Her talents doesn’t just stop there , she also makes edible body butters. How cool is that? I’m so excited, let’s learn a few things about Knots N Tangles 

How long have you been a crafter ?
I have been a crafter for 4 years now
Are all your pieces one of a kind?
No all of my pieces are not one of a kind, because crochet items can easily be duplicated by another crafter as crochet patterns float around like pollen in the air
Do you make  pieces for children as well?
Yes I make items for children as well. Custom orders can be placed for children items
What type of materials do you use ? Are some hypoallergenic ? 
I use acrylic yarn, cotton yarn various charms, thread and glass beads. Yes all of the items that I use are hypoallergenic
Do you see yourself going further with this or is this just a hobby?
Yes I see myself going further with this. Crocheting it is not just a hobby but a way of life, as it provides me with an income as well as a way to relax.
What is your favorite piece to crochet?
My favorite items to crochet are accessories. They generally don’t take long because of their size so I can produce more of them at a faster rate
I see you’re natural? How do your pieces add flair to someone’s natural identity ?
I definitely do pieces as flag to someones natural hair identity. I make hair bows and flower hair clips as well as satin lined hair beanies for those lazy or bad hair days.
Thank you so much Jada for allowing me  to review your shop. I love all your pieces, and wish you much success. 
You can order the styles you see below and more at-
 Jada has excellent customer service, and quick shipping. She works with you if you have a certain image in your mind, and she brings it alive. You will not be disappointed at all in her products. Thank you once again Knots N Tangles Crochet Works!

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