Revisiting The Washngo

Ok I tried! lol.

After months I decided to give the washngo another chance on my hair. I didn’t never like it on me only because it gave the worst shrinkage ever! I’m one of those naturals that like to see some hangtime, I want to see my accomplishments on my hair. Anyway, I made sure to do a deep condition, a cowash and applied my leave-in. I will be sure to write you guys a full detailed description  of my new hair regimen. Here is the pictures of my washngo, I love the definition, but u are about to see some mad shrinkage.  I’m going to leave it like this, and let it fall over a period of time. This will allow me to play with it and be creative in styling. I see that I am not a washngo person, not right now at least. Do you all have a style hat you all came to realize that just isn’t for you? Please share.









2 thoughts on “Revisiting The Washngo

  1. I love it. I think wng get bad rep bc of the shrinkage but thats just the beautiful curls doing its thing. The style supposed to be simple n easy….. team wng for the summer!

    • You are so right. The shrinkage does give it a bad rep. I did love them during the summer of 2012 , I can’t lie. It was so simple in this Georgia heat. Thanks so much for the response 🙂

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