Happy New Year! Hair Tips For Starting Out Natural or Just Some Advice

Happy New Year Loves!

I just can’t believe that I have been natural for two years! This has been, and still is a magical journey for me. Being natural isn’t easy, and I won’t sit here and tell you it is. It takes a lot of  dedication, and error I must add. The end results are totally worth it though. With that being said I decided to start this year off with a few tips for my loyal readers.

1. If you plan on going natural please make sure you’re the type of person that will sit and take the time to oil, and condition your hair. I can’t count how many people I see walking around natural with dehydrated curls that look so bad. Remember I said it takes dedication. 

2.Make water your best friend  for your curls. Spritz your hair with water daily to add moisture. It’s especially great to use when you want to seal. Yes, I said seal. Many curlies don’t realize just how much plain old water can do to help your curls grow, and shine.

3. You don’t have to run out and spend tons on hair products to get beautiful curls. I know a lot of us be tempted from watching our hair crushes on YouTube, and or looking on Instagram at other naturals. Stop. You do not want to be a PJ (product junkie). You will have all these products that you will never know if your hair actually like or not, due to the fact that you hadn’t tried them for a month regularly. Find you a nice hair butter that list butter and water as the first two ingredients for starters. Grab you some Herbal Essences any one that says moisturizing, and go from there. Being natural isn’t suppose to leave your pockets empty, it’s actually should be a stress free low-budget, beautiful way of styling.

4. Be your own fashion icon! Have fun with it! Make your own natural image, and feel good while you’re doing it. A lot of us are copying the same look, and after a while its like “ok, didn’t I see this pic before?”

So there we have it! A few tips and advice from me! I wish you all a Happy New Year and beautiful curls!



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