Dying Your Lace front? Protect The Lace

Dying your lace front wig is pretty cool, especially when its human hair and one you love. A lot of naturals wear them as a protective style to get through the wintery cold months or just when deciding to protective style for a while. If you all ask , what is the lace part of my wig I will explain .The lace part of the wig is where u can part the wig any way you would like to achieve different hair styles. You are suppose to cut the lace to match your hairline. DO NOT WEAR YOUR LACEFRONT WITHOUT CUTTING OFF THE LACE THAT IS HANGING IN THE FRONT OR BACK!!!
It is extremely important that you also wear the unit a bit bk from your hairline ,leaving some of your hair out to get the more natural look. Now to dying. You want to protect the lace from any hair dye that you are using. The lace acts as a scalp, that should not be colored the dye of choice.
You can buy Morning Glory to add to the lace to make sure that the dye doesn’t stain. Morning Glory acts as a harden shield when dried. *Alternative* Elmer’s School Glue is also another way to protect the lace. Definitely cheaper , and I bet we all have some on hand in our houses. I prefer using the Elmer’s because I feel I have more control when it comes to washing the unit and removing it from the lace. Here’s a pic of my unit with the Elmer’s harden the next day.

If you see any parts of the lace to where it isn’t covered make sure you reapply another layer whether its with the Morning Glory or Elmer’s. Just keep on applying! I can’t stress how important it is not to stain your lace!!
You will dye your unit and condition it as you would your own hair, and blow dry and style as usual .

Here’s my 100% Human Brazilian Lacefront dyed blue/black from light brown. She is actually wavy , but I blow dried her straight for now. If you have any questions be sure to comment below!
                                        Much Love!


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