Chew Your Vitamins If You Want Your Hair To Grow!


How many times had we all had our mamas all in our face with those nasty Flintstone vitamins? Yes! I knew some kids that liked eating theirs, not me. Well ladies and gents GNC has these vitamins for hair, nails and skin that the natural hair community be all on. BE*BEAUTIFUL is the name of this small grape Now&Later like vitamins. These things taste so goood. You will eat the whole bag, and be like dang, did I do that?
Now, let’s get to the nitty gritty. Do these things work? You know there isn’t no magical growth pill or candy that can make your hair grow out your scalp like weeds, right? Well these vitamins will give your body the added nutrients it needs to get the blood pumping and flowing right to those follicles. I started taking mine today which was one. I will do one a day till the bag is gone, and see how much growth I gained . I measured my front today since I cut a bang last week at 8 inches, let’s see how much Free grow in these next 60 days? FREE YOU HEAR ME! ? YOU BETTA GROW! THESE VITAMINS WASN’T CHEAP!
I will be checking in for all of you who are skeptics, I don’t blame you, let me waste my money first  😉


2 thoughts on “Chew Your Vitamins If You Want Your Hair To Grow!

    • I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am about that! You have to try these, they taste just like grape now & laters. I made sure to put them out the kids reach. Lol. Thanks for reading! Xoxo

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