Brown Sugar In My Cup Of Joe?

I ran out of white sugar and I needed my morning cup of coffee. My keruig was sitting nicely in its little snug spot on my kitchen counter. I kept thinking to myself “why didn’t I grab any more sugar?” Then it hit me! Brown Sugar! I can use brown sugar in my coffee, along with my teas.  I first came across using the brown sugar when I worked at Starbucks as a shift manager . To me it actually brought out their Pike Place coffee. I grabbed my Starbucks Pike Place K-Cups, brown sugar and waited for the coffee aroma to feel the kitchen. Here I am now sitting enjoying my coffee, with brown sugar. Give it a try!


2 thoughts on “Brown Sugar In My Cup Of Joe?

  1. Not a big Starbucks aficionado, but I will have to give the brown sugar a try in my coffee… tomorrow… I am sipping my morning cup now as I read through some blogs.

    Have you ever tried honey in it? An FB friend recommended putting in butter and honey like they do in Ethiopia. I thought it was a little weird, but maybe I didn’t blend it enough.

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