Naturals Be Running From The Grease


For the last two nights I have been using this Blue Magic hair grease in my head with water, twist and then tie my head up to maintain moisture. Many naturals run and scream like you’ve sprayed them in the face with pepper spray when you mention hair grease. Honestly, it is rather great in your hair, and the moisture stays in for days. You don’t have to keep putting in product every day like most products that they gear towards natural hair.

When I was a young girl my hair was always apl , and my granny used Royal Crown, Blue Magic , and this one particular leave in conditioner, and I never had split ends or damaged hair. Why fix something that isn’t broken. I will continue to use this method at night for the remainder of the month. Hopefully I will reach my goal of even apl length all over my head. If there are any of you out there looking for a great way to seal and lock in the moisture, try this and see what happens. If you don’t like it just co-wash or wash it out.




2 thoughts on “Naturals Be Running From The Grease

  1. We use this all the time. My daughters all have different hair types and I spray a detangler add a olive oil and seal with Blue Magic. I refuse to be a hair snob. With 5 little girls heads and my own I am not buying $30 moisturizers and shampoos…I picked up some stuff from the dollar tree today…just to see what happens 🙂

    • I heard that! I can’t constantly be buying those expensive products myself. I have three girls and myself! That would be so much money gone! I do really like the Blue Magic to seal with. Let me know how your Dollar Tree buys goes. Aunt Jackie is there too! Heads up! Thanks for dropping thru! 😉

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