GNC Total Lean Shake Vanilla Bean Shake Recipe


Here is a quick recipe for you all using the GNC Total Lean Chocolate Swiss Shake mix. These shakes are actually meal replacements, and even come with a small brochure with ways to get the full potential of the shake. You can lose a nice amount of weight with these, and if that is not your intentions they’re good for you. The Vanilla Bean is one of the ones I bought for my first round, and it is delicious! I don’t mix mine with water, I use unsweetened almond milk, and or coconut flavored almond milk. Some of the recipes I will be trying calls for chocolate soy milk, and other flavors. mmmm!

These shakes taste seriously like something you’d get out of DQ , and or at the local icecream shop. With that being said here’s one of my favorite morning ones that I got from a fellow blogger. Enjoy!

Moko Choka Latte:

2 scoops of swiss chocolate GNC total shake

1.5 cups of skim milk, or almond milk

Coffee to taste (1/2 cup or so- don’t put in too much)

5-6 ice cubes

Blend to smooth

Makes about 16oz


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