Blowout My Curls Dominican Style

Ladies and gents! Give me a drumroll please somebody ( clears throat). I got my curls blown out by the Dominicans. Now everyone always harp on how their experience was so bad, that it literally had me on pins and needles to go. I formed a plan in my head to tell them how to do mine,and what temperature to use. Here’s my day at the salon on pics


                     At Shampoo Bowl


                    Getting Detangled


           Getting Shampoo & Conditioned


                    Under Hooded Dryer


                       BAM! Side View


                           The Back


I am happy overall with my experience. They were nice inside the establishment and listened to my wants. I got my hair flat ironed at 250° and my blow dry was on medium heat .
You all know my hair isn’t kinky at all, and straighten easily. As I stated before to you all LEARN YOUR HAIR TEXTURE! NOT ALL HAIR IS KINKY!! AND IF IT IS , LEARN WHAT TEMPERATURES ARE RIGHT FOR YOU.
Today is Monday and already I miss my curls.  I will be wearing my hair up in buns and a low ponytail, not loose. I believe I will only continue to flat iron once a year, it isn’t as exciting as it use to be . If anyone have any questions just ask!



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