Ooh HoneyChile!

Let me start off by saying I decided to twist my hair while I have been rocking a three day old  blowout. I hate leaving my hair out so long and decided to the test out my new products I received in my recent swaps.
My HoneyChile HairLove is a company that I noticed a lot of naturals purchase from ,and I happen to had received their Hibiscus & Orange Peel Hair Butter. I smelled the product and was instantly in love. It actually smells like oranges, but with a hint of flowers. I twisted my hair doing the LBO method ( liquid, butter, oil). My liquid was my leave in conditioner, the HoneyChile, and black castor oil mixed with almond oil. Review on the butter

HoneyChile Hibiscus & Orange Peel Hair Butter


Unrefined Shea Butter
Dried Hibiscus Flower
Dried Pink Rose Buds
Orange Peels
Dried Red Rose Buds
Castor Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Vegetable Glycerine
Tangerine Essential Oil


Creamy and Smooth


I applied this to my hair after I had been wearing it in a blow out as I stated. Every night I had been braiding it and spraying with aloe vera juice and water to moisturize. Once I placed a dime sized amount on the section of hair like the jar recommended my hair became instantly soft. The cuticles layed flat, and there was a nice shine added. I didn’t expect for that to happen,because usually with my hair I have to add my oil then it will shine. After the butter was added I put on my oils and it got even softer! I love the smell of this product, and was even happier that I didn’t have to use a while heap of product.  Follow the jar recommendation and only use a dime size, that is all you need.


I give this product a score of 9. I will be purchasing more from them once this run out. I’m curious to smell their other butters.





Give then a try and let me know how u like them!



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