lll Sisters Of Nature Shampoo & Leave-In Review

I know its been a minute, and I’m truly sorry. I have a ton of new products to share with you all and what I think about them. I was so lucky to win two new items from the lll Sisters Of Nature product line. Their shampoo and the leave-in conditioner. Let’s get started with the review

The shampoo did not do well in my daughter’s head at all. I applied it only to her scalp and massaged her scalp with it. It easily got on her strands and when it did it instantly dried her hair out. The shampoo is curly girl friendly. (I did not pay for the shampoo, I won it in a give away from the company)

Omg! This leave-in is the bomb.com! I applied it to all three of my daughters’ heads and their hair instantly curled up with no frizz at all! Listen to me when I say a little goes a long way. I had been searching for a leave-in for them since last summer, and I’m so happy I had this. The slip is wonderful! I would compare this to Kinky Curly, and get this one because its more affordable. If you have hair that you can’t seem to get moisturized and shiny from a leave-in conditioner, try this. The fragrance reminds me of bubble gum, and the consistency is in between thick and light.( I did not purchase the leave-in , I won it in a give away from the company)

I would not use the shampoo on either one of my girls. Their hair did not like it at all. The leave-in conditioner however has been added as their staple. I even swapped for another bottle of it in a group I am a member of. The leave-in detangles perfect, and add shine and leaves hair with no frizz. I rate the shampoo a 5, and the leave-in a 10.






Her hair only has the leave-in conditioner in! Give it a try!


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