Ouidad Hmm?

I know its been a while since I’ve posted , but that’s because I been getting ready for baby. I wanted to drop in and share my recent package from Ouidad. I always saw their products posted somewhere and wondered were they any good.Well thanks to one of my swap sisters I was told about a special promotion they were doing were you paid $5.oo for their sample kit, and they will send you two regular sized items. The two full-sized products I received were the 8.5 oz Sun Shield which is a Sun & Sport Leave-In Spray, and the 6 oz Moisture Lock Leave- In Conditioner. I was super excited about these two items because lately I been stocking up on my leave-ins. Right now my hair is braided so I will be testing out this Sun & Sport spray.

I also donated to the breast cancer fund and received a pink Ouidad Curls For A Cure Bracelet which I have on now as I type. I will let you all know how this product works in my hair before the end of the week. By me living in a very hot environment I will definitely see if this Sun & Sport works. It says it protects your curls from environmental factors such as sun,wind, salt and chlorine. Of course it says it seals in moisture. Let’s hope this is true, oookkay.





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