Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Coil Moistirizing Soufflé Review

I received a $2.00 off coupon for the new natural line from Dark and Lovely and decided to test out one product. I chose the Coil Moisturizing Soufflé,because I go for anything that says moisturizing honestly. I paired the product with my lll Sister’s of Natural Curling Gelo for added hold.
I started my flattwist twist out on freshly cowashed hair that I had blown out.


   (Color Spicy Red by Dark & Lovely)

Next,I added my leave in along with the soufflé and curling gelo. Let me mention this product has no hold to it! You have to add a gel for hold for your twist.

Thick and creamy. It’s very light, and does not weigh your hair down.

It honestly smells like Mango and coconut milk,with honey to me. The containers says it has mango oil,and bamboo milk in it. I could stand the smell,so I was definitely happy.

For the retail price I saw at my Walmart $8.79, I’ll say you get a nice amount of product.

It was lightweight
Smells good
Very moisturizing
A little goes a long way
Available just about in any store
Did elongate my twist! (Super happy)


Overall, I would try this product again. I’m curious about the other products in the line now. It did exactly what it promised my making my coils stretched, and it lasted longer than a day. Here’s some pictures of the style with the product used.




        ( My flattwist twist out)


Go out and give this line a try,you might be surprised as well.


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