Two Strand Twist Hell?

I’m always hearing people say they can’t get the perfect two strand twist out. That or they don’t like how their twist look enough to wear them outside. Then the first thing they do is start asking other naturals which products are they using for their twist. Honey,it ain’t the product,its your technique. I don’t think no one has ever stated the proper way. Today I’m going to tell ya,and hopefully this is where you were going wrong. Here’s a picture that I found of perfect twist off the internet.


Do you see how each twist is uniform? Bet you shaking your head,because you’ve spent hours trying to get yours like that. It’s OK,it’s OK. First thing is make sure you detangled each section of hair very well. Any kinks will lump up the twist. Be sure to use the same amount of hair for each twist,being lazy sure don’t help. Product that will hold the twist is also a must,don’t forget to seal. Lastly, the most important part,you ready!!?? This will make a world of a difference with your twist and twistouts. TWIST EACH SECTION OF HAIR FROM RIGHT TO LEFT!! Boom! There it is!
I know in the beginning I was guilty of twisting any old kind of way till I noticed that my kids twist always looked better than mine. Go try this out and let me know if it helped.



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