It’s A Henna Conditioner?

All of us have heard of henna, and it has the natural community using it for the shine,and added fullness of hair. Let’s not forget to mention its natural and will not harm your natural hair/ curls .
I’m gonna share a secret with you all , ( whispering ) IT’S A HENNA CONDITIONER!!! Yes! It promises to give you the same results as if you were to henna. Results may vary,so I can’t say when you’ll start to notice the shine and highlights.
I have used it on my daughter twice, and I have noticed the difference today. Her hair is so soft, and have this nice shine to it. Her reddish brown hair has highlighted and I didn’t think it would happen so fast. The product is by Nature’s Gate. You can order it online at iherb. Be sure to grab my discount code from the side bar of my blog to save some money. Here’s a picture of the product and my daughter’s hair after conditioning and doing a blowout .


Look at her color! And that shine! This product is a must! I’m adding it to the list of Must For Summer!

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