A Coconut Milk Affair

Hi Everyone!
Lately I’m noticing that a lot of naturals are asking about this coconut prepoo and deep conditioning because a article was ran by a few natural blogs. Well I have been using coconut milk in my deep conditioner for a while now. Hopefully looking at my pics will help you decide if you want to try it on your curls.
Here’s a can of coconut milk with my oils already in my dye applicator bottle. Using a bottle like this will make the process so much easier,and you won’t get all sticky.


Now once you mix about a cup of the mix to your oils which should be no more than 2tbs of each oil you selected, warm it up in microwave for at least 45 seconds.


This can be used now as a prepoo or a deep conditioner. I hardly ever shampoo my hair, only once a month. In my case its more than likely my deep conditioner. With that being said I apply it all over my dry,dirty head and apply a plastic cap on. Either u can leave it on as long as you like,or sit under your steamer as I do for 20 minutes. After your steam is over do not rinse out immediately. Leave it on your hair for an additional 10 minutes. By doing this extra step it allows the moisture to completely lock in your hair to add that shine and moisture. Rinse as usual in your cool water and go from there. If you plan to shampoo now you will see your hair is easily detangled,and super soft. If you choose to cowash, same thing.



Here’s my hair after steaming and rinsing out my coconut deep conditioner. Again,I hardly shampoo, so this day I just cowashed. What’s you all experience with coconut milk on your wash days/


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