lll Sisters Of Nature Curly Pudding

As I stated before with the lll Sister’s Of Nature Curling Gelo, they don’t play! I bought the Curly Whip Pudding the same time I got the Gelo, but didn’t get a chance to use it till this past Saturday. Let’s get into the review.
First off this product is compared to Miss Jesse’s Curly Pudding at a much better price . The first ingredient is water, and that is great. You always want your first ingredient to be water, because you know it’ll hold moisture.



The smell wasn’t bad to me, it actually smells like lavender. It was pleasant, and reminded me of Spring. Directions says to use it to fresh shampooed, and conditioned hair. Even if you hadn’t just cowashed, you can use your spray bottle to wet your hair up. Next it says to apply the whipped pudding in generous amounts throughout hair with fingers evenly,  and let hair air dry. Here’s a picture of it in the jar.


Nice and creamy, a little bit goes a long way. Try not to use too much, because it will make your hair sticky. After it dries my advice would be to spray with some oils to soften it up a bit, also add some shine.
Now the final reveal!


Love, Love Love it! I will be using lll
Sisters as my holy grails.  They are some winners. Go check these two products out .


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