Plastic Surgery With Makeup


Lol! I’m laughing at this blog title because it’s so true. Makeup can do some amazing things, you just got to know how to use it. As of today I’m in my second trimester 18 weeks +4 days. My girl friend was like honey your nose has spread. Now anyone that knows me , know I hate my nose already. Seriously. Anywhoo, today I decided to contour my face. Well I be! I love it. Like seriously. 1 point for mommy, 0 baby. In the war of the spreading nose I won. I used Revlon Photoready foundation Maybelline fit me concealer, and my contour  foundation brush.Make sure you pick the correct tones or you won’t get the right look when applying. Also, be sure to highlight areas you want to stand out, that’s the trick. Love ♥


One thought on “Plastic Surgery With Makeup

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