Falling Back In Love With Your Hair

For a while now I had started to begin to get tired of my curls. I began to feel like okay, this isn’t as exciting as it was for my first year. Then something magical happened. I steamed my hair and deep conditioned,  and I had some awesome curls. Now I don’t know if it came from the steam or what, but I look like I have a completly different head of curls. They’re so bouncy and pretty. My edges are laying flat to my head like I’ve used some black gel. Crazy right? My mother did tell me it might be because my hair has hit a certain length, and it’s causing it to act differently. Well whatever it is I love. Here I am with my washngo on day 3. Only thing in it is the lll Sister’s Gelo I did the review on. I just sprayed it with my leave in and that was all.


Overall I’m excited about my curls again, and even did a new style. I’ll surprise you all later on what it is, once it’s done setting.



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