Who Said These Products Wasnt The Truth?


Well it’s a good thing I follow my own mind. Ill Sisters Of Nature yall gets a high five from me! I always read some natural saying the products especially the Curling Gelo made their hair sticky, and left white balls. I didn’t experience none of that what so ever. In fact my hair smells great. Like cherries and or strawberries. Mmmm. Now if you don’t like your hair products making you hungry stay away from the Curling Gelo.Lol! This stuff smells delicious. I used my leave in then applied my oils, lastly the gelo. My curls are super defined, and shiny. The cost of this product is $9.99, much less than the product it is compared to, Miss Jessie. I say if you can find this in your local bss grab it! Your curls just might like it like mines.




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