Color Oops Review Pt 2

I wrote the first review and totally forgot to give details on the product. Forgive me, my brain has been foggy lately. Inside the box is a applicator bottle with another bottle with liquid in them labeled 1 & 2. Now You’re suppose to take the content of 2 and pour it in 1 and shake for 30 seconds.  Apply this to head using the applicator top that came along in the box. Make sure to put it in immediately, because they say the longer you take the less it will work.  Now let me warn you,  this stuff freaking stinks!!  Oh My Gosh! It smells like smelly rotten eggs. The smell was so loud it funked up my whole house. Let me tell you, if it kept my kids away from me while I did my hair, it had to be bad. Lol. Just saying. 
The texture of it was I say medium thick, not creamy. It saturated your hair pretty well.  Remember I only had to do the front small section on my head, I used the whole bottle. If you’re using it to take color from your whole head, I suggest getting two boxes.  Don’t forger Walmart had it for $9.99.
Like everything it tells you to do a strand test, and I didn’t. Then it says you can check periodically to see if it’s taking, and did it revert to your desired color. Lastly, it says make sure it isn’t cold in your house so it can process. Well I was cold,so I grabbed my hand blow dryer and used it to heat my hair through the plastic cap. It immediately started to get rid of the Vampire Red, and I was amazed.
Would I buy the product again?  Heck Yeah!  Is it worth the $9.99? Yes, because it get those stubborn colors out your hair. No,because you don’t get that much.
Well, I hope this helps all you color heads. It is safe to use, no harmful chemicals. Make sure to condition really well after.  My hair feels nice and soft. No worries.
                                     Much Love,



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