Color Oh Oh Oops Review

Have you ever made a bad choice in a hair color,and never could change it because you were scared to bleach, or was told you were just going to have to wait till it washed out?  Well you should had been told about Color Oops. It’s a non bleaching hair color removal treatment. It will remove the unwanted color from your semi-permanant or permanent dyed head. In this case I wanted to remove my Vampire Red since I will be engaging in a certain business commitment.  Here’s what the product look like


I purchased mine from Walmart for $9.99. I think Sally’s carry it too, but I didn’t feel like driving that far to mine. Here’s the Vampire Red by Manic Panic in my hair


Yeah,it was red oright. Thing is I only did a small section of my hair,my hair is so thick now it looked like the whole front of my head was colored. I said goodbye to the red, and was looking to go towards a more subdued look. Here’s the picture of the Color Opps after sitting in my hair for a total of 10 minutes


Here’s 20 minutes later. The box says process for only 20 minutes, but I decided to do it for 30


Yes! the red was out my head and I was left with this to color any color I chose.


I liked the finish color, it was exactly the look I was going for, but I had to follow up with a semi due to the fact that I still had some purple left in it.  Yes, remember it was Ultra Violet before Vampire Red. I added honey blonde to the parts I wanted and that was it. Now my hair has been oiled,and conditioned properly.  I did do flat twist for tonight in hopes of doing a twist out. This is my first time attempting this style. I’ll keep you updated tomorrow with the big reveal.


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