Top Picks For After Your Big Chop

I’ve noticed that I never wrote a survival guide for all my subscribers for when they decided to do the big chop. Wow! I’m so sorry. I will give you a few products that won’t break your pocket in order to get your hair trained to being in its natural state again. The problem with most naturals is that they get the illusion that you have to go out and buy all these expensive hair products , because some wanna be guru done told you to. Um No! Sorry. I’m not saying that the products I tell you about will work on you 100%, but since they’re so cheap why not try?


Hello Hydration Conditioner ($1.79 At Most Walmarts)

Suave Moisture Milks (.79 At Walmart, cheaper at Family Dollars)

Stylers (Gels)

Bella Curls ($1.79 At Walmart)

Eco Gels ( $2.00 and up at Sally’s and BSS)

*Trick, mix your oils with your gels to get your edges to smooth down

Hawaiian Silky Curl Activator

Fantasia IC

Leave In 

Use your Co-washes as a leave in also

Infusium 23


Aussie 3 Minute


Blue Magic grease  mixed with EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Your Twa might be super dry and in shock from your recent cut. I used the Blue Magic and my oils every night and placed my plastic cap on at night (called the baggie method ) to ensure moisture .Now everyone can’t do this, so if your head sweats bad,don’t leave yours on overnight. I suggest leaving it on for 30 minutes, taking it off then wrapping your head with your wrap for the night.

Hawaiian Silky 14n1 Moisturizer

These are the only moisturizers I used in the beginning , and I swear they saved me.

Now I suggest not doing too much to your twa right now, just make sure you cowash twice a week and deep condition twice a week too. I don’t care what anyone tells you, a clean scalp produces speedy growth. I didn’t list deep conditioners because you can continue to use the one you always had, just make sure to do it twice a week if you notice your hair isn’t looking as healthy as she should. Be careful with the protein ones, you do not want to harm your head . As of now I use Queen Helene Cholesterol mixed with my oil of choice.

I hope this helped all you newly naturals! Best of Luck!




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