Ugh! This Hair Of Mine

Remember I promised you all that I would keep it real when it came to this natural hair journey? Well it’s about to get real! I’m not about to say it’s all peaches and cream like all these other natural hair bloggers tell you, because it isn’t. First off when I first did the BC my hair was fine, remember? Well now that I’ve been natural for a year my texture has went back to what it was when I was a child. Back to when I begged my grandmother for the perm in the first place. I kid you not, my hair is thick as I don’t know what, and it’s a freaking lot!!! It has got to the point that I dread wash and condition day, because I have to use the blow dryer on it now. Without my hand dryer I am not able to pull it up in a bun at all. So, I am drying it with the lowest setting, and making sure to use my heat protection spray. Can’t forget that now, or I’ll have a type of fried parts. There I was in my bathroom mad as HADES!! I was just sick to the stomach looking at my head. Here’s some pics….

Image Image

Don’t look too happy do I? Because I wasn’t! Just look at it. I was on the phone with my good friend and I told her ok, I’m flat ironing this stuff just a tad bit to get it to lay flat, because I don’t know what else to do. Everyone knows that when a natural start feeling helpless they start thinking delusional, and want some creamy crack. I was making sure it didn’t happen to me. So I started


Now I didn’t want it actually straight, just manageable. I used the temp on 240, and that worked perfect for me. I was able to pull Free up into a high bun. I’m now on day three with a bun, because I’m actually trying to do a bun challenge. I do need to do a deep condition this weekend, but don’t feel like doing all this again. I’m going to have to find another technique for my hair. Any ideas?




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