Had To See What All The Fuss Was About CurlKit

Happy New Year! It is now 2013 and I am happy to say I am one year older hair wise and age! Today I finally decided to join the hair product subscription team, Who did I decide to join with? CURLKIT!!!! Yes! After I was all ready to join CurlBox when their waiting list opened , I changed my mind after hearing bad reviews from other naturals. There were complaints on product quality, and customer service . Now I don’t know about you all , but I’m big on a company having wonderful customer service if they’re going to get my money. CurlKit has got raved reviews, and the products that they send out for you to use are pretty darn good. I will be receiving my first kit for January , and can not wait! I’m so excited. The price of the box is $20 monthly, and they take the funds out your account every month, you can cancel whenever you want, without any problems. I actually had to make a deal with my husband when it came to ordering this. He was like’ you go to the beauty supply all day everyday, why you need this?” I had to break it down for him, because I will get up to six products including full sizes, some samples too. Matter of fact the product value is well over the $20 that I’d pay for the monthly subscription. So I have to say that I agreed to not head to Sally’s for any products unless it is hair color, or gloves. I am really hoping that the kit is worth it, if it’s not I’ll just cancel. No harm done!

I wish everyone a Happy New Year, and blessing through the whole year! Thanks for your constant support on this blog! Let’s make this a year full of new hair learning experiences!




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