I was upset when I went to Sally’s and they didn’t have my deep conditioner that I faithfully use on my mane.( I name the deep conditioner in previous post) Needless, to say I left Sally’s mad and with no purchases. I seriously needed to deep condition because I hadn’t since getting my blowout and flat iron on my napiversary. Living where I do in Georgia can be a problem when searching for certain hair products, so I learned to Always check Family Dollar first. Glad, I did, look what I found.


If anyone remembers this is the brand everyone mama’s use to put in their heads ,and the stuff actually works. It leaves your hair feeling super soft when used right.  I did a hot oil treatment using castor oil,evoo and sitting under the heated dryer for 15 minutes prior to deep conditioning. I also added my oils of choice to my conditioner to make my hair feel like a bed of clouds. You all know I like to leave my conditioner in over night,but unfortunately I couldn’t, because I had to make runs with the husband. Here a picture of my hair fully covered in the oil and deep conditioner mixture, I use the relaxer application process



After the mixture was in my hair I sat under the hooded dryer with the temperature on medium for 30 minutes. I then rinsed out the product ,and cowashed with my Tresseme Natural Conditioner.
Now, I haven’t been wearing washngos due to me hating how bad my shrinkage was. I figured since I have as much length as I do now why not try. I oiled my scalp and added the As I Am Curling Gel throughout my hair, making sure I followed instructions and applied to super wet hair. I got each piece of hair coated as best as I could. Note to As I Am please put this and your cowash product in a bottle with a pump, it would make application so much easier.



Here’s my results. As you can tell I still was a bit wet, but I liked it. I will be wearing this style more now. Glad I decided to try again.



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