My First Flat Iron

On Dec 12th I have my first flat iron experience. I was so excited that I was shrieking and going nuts.  It was so funny because my stylist Rachael was screaming with me. Her and the other stylist was asking me to explain the whole natural journey, because they are caucasian. Anyhoo, I did. Let me tell you I named Free the right name. Why was she resisting the heat?  I told Rachael that’s how my hair always has been ,one reason why I permed it. So she let me see the back


That’s when I lost it!  I died!  I didn’t transition at all, you all know I bc’d. A year got me all that hair.  I know I’m getting my length back like when my granny took care of my hair, I’m determined. Here’s a picture of my end results


Yes! Yes! Now I’m really saying ” Long Hair Don’t Care” OK, OK.  Let me calm down. You all see I’m happy right? Free will be going back curly tomorrow, she’s getting cranky. Thank you for following me for my first year natural hair journey. More years to come! 
                                  Team Free


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