I was added to BzzAgent‘s Campaign for the Private Selection foods, and was given coupons to share, and try some items for free to try. I did try the tomato sauce, coffee, crackers, and olives. My honest opinion is that you should just stick to Ragu, or other store brands. I did not like the tomato sauce because it was too runny for me. I had bought three bottles to use in my spaghetti before it became the consistency that we’re all use to. I know that this is a Kroger based line, so that’s where I went to pick up my products. I did try the tomato sauce during my Thanksgiving dinner for my eggplant parmesan, and was disappointed then also. I try to make sure I test things more than once before submitting a review to you all. The crackers were nice, just your ordinary cracker. The coffee, I didn’t care for either. Lastly, the olives. They were used in the drinks, so they were ok, did their job. However, overall I do not recommend  buying this brand. The taste is bland, you can do much better with another store brand.




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