November NaBloPoMo !

Wow! November is already over! How did I do for my first NaBloPoMo event? Not too bad. I can honestly say I could had done better with the posting. I didn’t do a post everyday, because I did get held up around the house. (hangs head in shame) However, I did meet a lot of terrific bloggers, and made friends with quite a few.

My next plan? I signed up for the December one as well. and have fun activities I will be doing, even a 12 Days Of Christmas Prize Giveaway! Whoooo! Can’t wait! To all my new subscribers thank you for reading! To my dedicated and loyal readers that have been with me from jump, you know I appreciate you!

Let’s get December NaBloPoMo crackin!





One thought on “November NaBloPoMo !

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