Hairstyle #6 (Holiday Inspired Updo)

Since having my yarn braids I know I kept saying I was going to do a updo on them, and frankly yes, I was being lazy. Today I had to do a review , and I wanted to look cute, so I did my updo, At first I thought it was gonna be hard to put all these braids up but I did. Here’s pics and I’ll explain it so you all can possibly do it also. I think this would be a great look for a party, especially your holiday party at work. This look can be achieved with braids, twist, or locs.

Image Bun In The Back With Pin Curls On Side

 Image  Flat twist on side, then crossed.










 Crystal Hair Pin In Front.



I do like this look a lot on me, I will be keeping it up like this for a while. If you have any questions about this style , feel free to leave a comment and asked .



One thought on “Hairstyle #6 (Holiday Inspired Updo)

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