This was so funny, I had to share it with all my great subscribers.
So I go to take my husky mixed with pit Chyna outside this morning to handle her business. My husband is in the bed sleep because he gets home at 3am from work. The two smallest Hugs and Tugs (2&1) is up walking around the house. I go out the side door, and they’re there waving to me through the side door glass. I turn my head for one blasted minute and they’re gone. Now I’m panicking because they like to play in my makeup,and they had already messed up like five tubes of NYX MATTE Lipstick!  I go to go in and the door is locked!  Holy Crap! They locked me out!  Now I’m running on the side of my house in my slippers and a big bonnet on my head looking like someone’s grandma. I go to my bedroom window and start knocking. Do you know my husband peeps out the blinds and say ” why you out there trying to talk to me?” Dude they locked me out!  Well when I get in this is what I see, 
My pumpkin pie sitting in between two babies being destroyed by little hungry teeth!  These two climbed on the counter, took the pie down, took it to the dining room table and ate, all after locking their mother out the house. It was planned, they wanted that pie since last night. Lol!  Then the killer part was when the youngest Tugs mean mugged me and said ” maannn” . Priceless




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