Protective Style # 4

I did some twist in my hair and so far they’re lasing really long,I’m going on day four. I didn’t even do my deep condition day on yesterday because they’re in. Some people have said they’ve cowashed with them in, but I didn’t want to. I figured what the heck,.I’ll just do it on my other day which is Sunday. My protective styling is starting to grow on me. It’s funny because last time I tried protective styling for a long while I failed. I think this time is different because I will new a yet natural so soon, and I want my long flowing hair. Here’s a few pictures



They’re getting so nice and plump,and I even figured out a new technique to use on mine, and I do like the end result. I’m not having any frizz or unraveling, so that’s a plus. With that stay true to yourself !


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