My Shea Butter Holla!

I received my Shea Butter in the mail among other products from butter and bars today. I was so excited , and happy with their fast shipping. I had just actually placed the order on Friday, and it was her Monday! High Five to them! Anyway, I added a bunch of oils to it and used a hand mixer to mix the ingredients together. Listen, now when I tell you my hair felt like soft butter, I ain’t joking ! First off the mixture was so creamy I was able to rub it down my hair, and it just melted right in. I was too happy when my hair became moisturized instantly! I was like ” oh snap!”  Imagine me in my kitchen doing the dougie, and my kids looking at me like I done went crazy. Priceless. I’m just happy I finally got me a butter, after all this time.

The butter was applied to freshly washed hair, I will tell you about that new procedure I did as well in another post. My hair really loved this, and I did the LOC method on her. My ends feel so great! I definitely will start back doing the Loc method every night like I did when I first big chopped.

 Products Used 

1. Unrefined Shea Butter

2. Almond Oil

3. Rosemary Oil

4. Castor Oil





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