Halloween Hair


It’s time for Halloween!

I get so excited because I get to dress up and look as crazy as I want for one day without people thinking I’m a weirdo. Here’s the great idea I had for this Halloween. Why not make my hair my costume or the whole focus point of mine this year? I remember being in hair school, and one of the assignments would be to do a fantasy hairstyle on your mannequin. The class would come back with the funkiest creations, and we would actually consider wearing the looks ourselves. Another thing, I have four kids, need I say more? Hello! I’m trying to keep some money in my pocket after Halloween. So since I just love my loyal readers I picked out some images to get you guy’s creative juices flowing.


Now out of all these my favorite would be the Janet Jackson one because it looks like it could go for Frankenstein‘s Bride, or even The Huntsman in Snow White.  Just be creative  and have fun! Show how much you love your curls!


 Curliegyrl Free


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