I Love My Diffuser



First off let me say that I saw someone on YouTube use a hair diffuser and her hair was gorgeous!I knew right then I had to go buy me one to do my curls.The thing with that is if your hair is already kinda short, it will draw it up. All you curlies that hate shrinkage be aware the diffuser will do that. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a Revlon one for a pretty decent price. I didn’t even know it had an Ion setting on it till I actually used it yesterday. Ion? What is that Free? It reduces frizz, and adds shine to your hair. Anything with Ion on it, trust you want it. Anyhoo, I love this hair dryer.



I used my As I Am products, and my frizz serum and diffused. I did it on low heat, and medium temp. It only took about 20 minutes to dry , and I was Miss. Hottie!


I just loved my outcome! Even though it makes me look less than my nine months natural! Go and get a diffuser, try it!


Curliegyrl Free


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