Trina , Our September Search for Natural Winner

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for since we posted that we was having our first contest, and its finally here. Trina Johnson was the lucky winner of our Fabolous Curlies Search For Natural Contest Winner for the month of September. Let me start off by saying every entry we received was beautiful, and I thank each one of you all for the participation, and hopefully each one of you will reenter for November’s contest.

 Let’s get to the good stuff,



Oh wow!!! Im shocked! My heart leapt with gladness of course. Had to read the words over & actually thought it was a blog writing announcing someone was chosen… Lol. Thank you so much. I’m truly honored!!  I haven’t won anything since middle school lol… 

1. What made you decide to become natural?

Honestly, I’ve always liked my hair curly. Since about 1995, I’ve been going back & forth between relaxers & my natural hair. When I was about a yr natural,  I relaxed (what ended up being for) the last time the end of March 2011 because I felt uncomfortable in front of ppl. Whether it was in my head or actually happening, I felt they were looking at me strange. Here I was in a new state since 2008 & all this time came across no one whose hair looked like or was styled like mine. I bent to unsaid pressure & false acceptance. About a month later, my hair was already short, I cut it & said bump it.  Trying to make people “comfortable” & accepting of me, I made MYSELF uncomfortable & didn’t like what looked back at me in the mirror. I’ve been known relaxers were no longer for me. So since last yr, I said nope – be it husband, in-law, or stranger… I’m a curly head & proud of it!! 😀

2. Can you say that your fashion sense has evolved since becoming natural?

Lol… Nooo! I WISH my fashion sense would equate how I look and feel inside. That’s something I’m working on. I do want my outside – what I project physically – to match me!!

3. What honest advice would you give someone who is considering going natural?

The advice I’d give is: don’t compare your curls or self to another – be it style, regimen, etc.  If you see something you like or want to learn something, use it as a blueprint & guide. There’s a wealth of great info out there! However, know one’s results may not be exactly like the other’s. Focusing on that, you’ll get frustrated & that can lead to you doing something you don’t want or drastic to do like a relaxer again. A head of curls is so individual like snowflakes. You are unique & you are beautiful. Just gone’on with your curl self!! Lol

4. Fun Question-  Name a funny incident that took place while trying to style your hair while natural.

Gosh, a funny incident… Um, I don’t know. Only thing I can think of is I had my hair braided (to prevent my scissor-happiness) and I remember looking in the mirror trying to get what I thought was lint or moisturizer that didnt absorb out. Thought it dried or something… I was confused, wasnt budging.. Yeah, turns out that was my grays blended in w/ the braid hair. Lol. Thats all I got for now. Lol

We chose Trina because something about her touched us. She seemed like a person that would welcome anyone into her life with open arms, and she seemed totally genuine, which means a lot. Fabolous Curlies is all about females developing a bond, a sisterhood with each other, and she fit the bill perfectly. All the times that I had the chance to talk to her she was always upbeat , friendly and happy. Lol! Her emails made me smile, and sometimes caused me to  crack up laughing at how playful she could be. 
Here’s her prizes she won,
                                                                                           , Image
Image                                                                     Image      
Here’s her review on the items,

I was soo happy & excited to have been chosen and STILL am beaming!! Wow! Here are some thoughts on everything… 

CHI (cationic hydration interlink)

Curl preserve system is a thumbs up, and here’s why:

– Like the scent & it’s not overpowering

– liked it on my daughter’s hair as a conditioner. Her hair is thicker & tighter curled than mine and I love her mane! Wish my hair was thicker. 

– After the whole wash & condition (note: I didn’t even use another conditioner, just CHI), I only applied a moisturizing smoothie. Styled her hair in 2 afro puffs & that was it.  The next day, I did it in cornrows. Her hair was very manageable, not that I’ve had issues before, but there was a noticeable difference. I don’t know about this pH thing, but once my braids are out I’m looking forward to treating my hair too!! 😀 Eager to see my results; I was tempted to take them out…for real!

I love the polish, did my toes only. I clean too much to have anything on my hands. Surprised it dried to a matte finish, wasn’t sure how I’d like it. Funky fresh color though!!! Since I did my toes, I like it lotsss!! Thank you! 

Earrings gave me the opportunity to play with hairstyles & breakout my norm of a pulled back ponytail & bun. Can’t wait to truly play around & really show out! Lol.  My daughter called me a princess too was an added plus!! 

The headbands are a great addition to my small ouch less ponytail holders. W/ the headbands, I can go from a ponytail using 1 of them only to my hair down & pulled off my face. It stays in place & doesn’t snag my hair/braids! Perfect for when I wash my face or cleaning; my braids don’t fall forward.

If there’s anything else you need, let me know. I hope this is ok for the article (fingers crossed).

Can’t say it enough: Thank you much for everything once again!!!  Be blessed!!

Your curlfriend, 



                                                                                         Congrats Trina! You’re A Fabolous Curlie!


5 thoughts on “Trina , Our September Search for Natural Winner

  1. I’m smiling w/ a bit of a misty eye… I’m sensitive right now. LOL. Typically not a cry baby. I feel kinda…special. Hope it’s not redundant or you guys not yet tired of it – thank you again & again!!! 😀 I did love everything. I have to refresh my polish (wish I had a top coat protectant… filing in the mental ‘to get’ list now) as I’m crawling and rolling around with my daughter. She also steps on my toes shoes on or not and that’s murder on my tootsies lol… Both my husband and daughter said the color is pretty. @ Peamylover, thank you also! And yes, try it all…especially the polish and that CHI. I’m itching everyday to resist the urge to take out the braids just to use it…temptation is STRONG! Ya hear me! It’s strong! lol

    • Lol! It’s so cool that you’re touched! I love that nail polish color too, wasn’t it odd how the Chi bottle was the same color too? We can’t wait till you take the braids down too!

  2. LOL… I have to share what I’m thinking… I saw my picture and 1st thing I thought: darn flash & oil control. Lmbo! I promise y’all when I snapped that pic I didn’t know I was shining. Normally, I blot. So sorry if y’all gotta go get your shades. lol I was tired as ever too… don’t mind the eye ridges either lol. Oh well, still faboulous and curly!! lol Psst, ladies, I’mma need y’all to airbrush that, dial down the shine about 3 degrees lol thanks

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