Wash N Go Day 4

Whoo! It’s Friday! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Why am I so happy? Well it’s day four of me rocking this same wash’n’go! I have never been able to get this hair style perfect, and any one of you who follows on my facebook group “Fabolous Curlies” know I was paranoid about doing it this time. As usual my girls had my back and told me just go ahead and do it. I did! 

I’ve been getting compliments out this word over Free. She is showing out today, even getting all those love hearts on Instagram. Aww! Making a chick feel all special. Even hubby was saying I was lookig cute with it today. Yes! I’ve finally mastered it!! CURLIES STAND UP!!




One thought on “Wash N Go Day 4

  1. Hi! Your hair looks so nice!!!… But, I’m a bit confused about all the, I don’t know, struggling with a wash and go I’ve read from several places. What I mean by being confused is – to me, it sounds like it is the easiest style, little manipulation of the hair and it is JUST as it says… wash AND GO!!! I have done a “wash and go” for years before we have the wealth of information via the net we now have. In forums, people discuss, and have even debated, the best method to achieve “the wash and go”, the beloved WNG. lol. It’s like it’s made into something more complicated than what it is. So, can you explain, with what seems like its increasing popularity, why the fuss about it? I understand any hairstyle needs some manipulating (ex, finger combing, a tossle, a few finger coils…) & product. I personally love it. It is easy, little fuss. Easy breezy! That’s how I try to live my life and this style just compliments that very well. Few swooshes and done! LOL Thanks for any clarity on this you can share.

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