Yes, The Candy Name Is Actually UNREAL CANDY

Hello everyone!

I’m bringing another product review to you from BzzAgent! This time I had the opportunity to try the Unreal Candy line. I know I brought this up to you a while ago, so I’m going to tell you how everything tastes to me. Honestly, I only see myself eating the candy coated chocolate peanuts on the regular. The other ones really tasted , blah! Not in a bad way though, you can just tell there really isn’t any sugar present.  In my opinion it would be excellent for diabetics to eat, since they have to watch their sugar levels. The funny thing was when I ate the plain chocolate candy pieces I got mad. Why? It made me really want some m&ms.

So there you have it, UNREAL CANDY!! It really does exists.

Love , Curliegyrl Free

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