Attack Of The Bantu Knots


Going natural forces you to be fully hands on with your hair, which is proving to be a great difficulty for me lol, giving the fact that my mother did my hair until I left for college and then it was braided the first part of the year. I’ve really never had to  deal with my hair until I decided to go natural so the “small” styles that shouldn’t  be THAT hard still presents itself as a challenge to me smh.. I decided to try Bantu Knots since someone on YouTube * can’t remember whom* made it sound & look ssssooooo easy and hers came out really pretty.. ((NOT THE CASE FOR ME)).. Here are the products I used:

~ Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner

~Hawaiian Silky 14n1

~Motion Wrapping lotion

~bobby pins

*don’t judge on the lack of products I have lol

I got the Argan Oil products from Sally’s when they were having a sale for a buy one get one and I swiped those products later to realize I’m not really fan of it *ugh* anywhoo, I washed my hair with the Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner then I moisturized my hair with the Hawaiian Silky 14n1 moisturizer (so far so good right?).. Alright this here is where it goes downhill for me lol.. 1. I waited entirely too late to try this seeing that it takes my hair at least 7-8 hours to dry if its twisted up :/ 2. I didn’t really section my hair off like I should have. I was just was randomly picking up hair and started twisting, smh so the front had small ones then the middle had medium, small and chunky ones lol (i was getting sleepy) so at this point I didn’t care I was just wanting to be done. Some of them were trying to come down so hence the bobby pins I stuck them in my head quickly, but that really didn’t help either. 3. I believe I used too much product because my hair was squishy so that made my dry time worse..

**next morning**

Diaster started..first, I woke with a headache I had too much tension on my head with these bobby pins and trying to twist them tightly *rolls eyes* Second, only the front small ones were dry, everywhere else was a natural disaster! (I’m in panic mode by now I had like 30 min before I had to be out the door for work)i took the rest down and it was limp, soggy wet, mess!.. Best thing about being natural you can throw hair accessories and make a style look like something lol.. so I just twisted the front to make a halo and bobby pinned the back up so it wouldn’t show and then stuck a bow on top to make it look cute at least if nothing else… crazy thing was people were saying my hair was cute lol. If they only knew the struggle.. Ha :^)

Love, TImage

Not Me



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