Washing My Box Braids


Howdy Peeps!

So now its been a minute since I put box braids in with Free (my hair). My head hasn’t been itching, but I thought that it would make sense to try to clean my scalp. How did I? Well I decided to use an astringent instead of conditioning or adding shampoo. You can use witch hazel, sea breeze , or acv . I chose to use the witch hazel since I have a lot of that since I use it on my face. With my q-tips I traced each part after dipping in the witch hazel. My scalp tingled, and I knew it was the product cleansing my scalp. Exciting thing is that I’m seeing a lot of new growth. Yay!! I have been oiling with my castor oil every other day, sometimes every day. I’ll come back and tell you the benefits of castor oil on your scalp at a later time. Hope this help someone. Love,

 Curliegyrl Free



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