How Important Are Scalp Manipulations?



Have you always heard to massage your scalp to promote hair growth? Well it’s actually is called scalp manipulation. What is exactly is that? It’s a massage technique that involves circular motions of pinching, rolling, kneading and rubbing to increase blood circulation at the surface of the skin.  Now when you do it, you can’t halfway do it either. You have to put muscle in the rolling and the kneading or you’re not going to see any gain from doing it at all.  Curliegyrl Free are you serious, does this actually works? Yes! I know it does because you’re actually getting the blood to flowing throughout your scalp. You’re warming the skin and opening up your blood vessel which increases blood flow. Better circulation to the hair follicles may help nutrients strengthen the hair cells and encourage proper growth function.  That’s why I’m telling you to pretend your head is dough, and really get to working that scalp. This technique also relaxes you when you’re feeling stressed out. So yes! Make sure you do your scalp manipulations right after you oil your scalp at night. Much love!

                                                                                                 Curliegyrl Free



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