Yes To Carrots By NaturallyChar


Yes to organic carrots that give your locks some Beta-Carotene lovin’ and Yes to Dead Sea minerals that nourish and detoxify.

Organic carrots are brimming with Beta-Carotene, an essential vitamin that keeps your lovely locks happy, healthy, and hydrated.

The Power of Yes
Yes to 
health. Yes to organic fruits and veggies. Yes to caring as much about what you put on your body as what you put in it. Yes to the benefits of Dead Sea minerals. Yes to being low maintenance and highly fabulous. Yes to happiness. Yes to you! Join the Yes to movement at

Free of Petroleum and SLS + Paraben-free, naturally!
Cruelty Free

99.8% Natural Product

OMG!!!! Can we say the As y’all know, I’m a Curly Girl, so I don’t use anything with silicones, parabens, mineral or castor oil. And just recently, I’ve found out my hair rejects aloe vera with a passion, but that’s another story. While on my quest to finding that staple conditioner with no aloe, I kept looking at Yes to Carrots at Target and Walgreens. They kept calling my name, but I kept walking away. Then one day while sight walking in the store, I saw that the Yes to Carrots conditioner that’s normally $8.99 was on sale for $7.91. I thought I was hallucinating. I grabbed it so fast, if anyone saw me, they would have thought I was about to steal it. You can just imagine how anxious I was to try this. First, let me start of by stating that it smells nothing like carrots to ME. It smells so much better and the scent isn’t overpowering. Second, the consistency of the conditioner is medium thick, which I prefer because I have short, thick curly hair. When I placed it on my hair, she (who has no name) instantly felt like butter. Moisturized. Finger detangling was a breeze for once.  Third, was the leave in application.


Key Ingredients:

Argan Oil provides softening moisture to parched regenerate damaged, over-treated locks.

Keratin Proteins are a natural protein that helps rebuild, rejuvenate, and restore all types of hair.

Sea Kelp Extract is rich in zinc, magnesium, and iodine, which are all excellent elements to stimulate hair growth and strength.

It should be a sin to have something this good on the market. The smell and consistency is the same as the conditioner. This is an A+ in my book. Found it at Target for $7.99. As I was applying it to my hair and as my hair was air drying, I knew I’d found my Holy Grail *eyes roll in the back of my head.* My hair felt so moisturized once 100% dry. So, if you’re like me, a CG who has to stay away from products with aloe vera, this is definitely worth a try.






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