Imma Protect You with These Styles (Protective Hair Styles)



First off a lot of people wonder what is the whole important deal with a protective hairstyle is. Any natural long haired curly you see promises that that’s how she got her hair hanging almost down to her behind. Saying that keeping the ends tucked and moisturized out of sight helped them maintain the length that’s so hard to keep. The ends are the oldest and most fragile part of the hair, so they need to be really protected, ok?

Now, protective styles are ones that don’t consist of most, if not all, of the hair being worn loose. Popular protective styles include but are not limited to braids, twists, bantu knots, and shrunken afros.

So honey child, let me be straight up honest with you because someone might be telling you wrong. Protective styles don’t make your hair grow!! What they do is keep your ends “protected.”  Ha! Protective hairstyles, get it?!

Which brings me to me and Free (my hair)?  I started last week keeping her in a protective hairstyle in which I will do until my 1 year mark in December. I’m going to talk about the two styles that I will most likely wear and explain how they are protective styles, and how to maintain them.


Box Braids

You can braid your natural hair use braid extensions. Whether your braids are all yours or created with enhancements, you still need to care for your hair and scalp while you’re wearing them. How? You can still wash your hair just be gentle and don’t rub too hard. Also, use a moisturizer every day like you would normally do. Pick one that works best for you. Some people will tell you to use Motions Pink Lotion or Olive Oil Moisturizing Lotion, but I don’t. Free will be using a moisturizing spritz that I made using Maniac Moisture Conditioner. This spritz keeps your hair moisturized up to three days if wrapped up properly. Also, rubbing a conditioner down the braids will keep them shiny and prevent frizz.

Weaves/ Quick Weaves/Lace Front Wigs

Now every time you see a woman she claims that she wears sew ins and her hair grows like wild-fire? If you properly take care of your weave then it is an excellent protective style. Make sure your hair is braided completely beneath it so can’t any sun to sun, wind, rain or other weather. For maximum hair growth, however, it’s still important to care for the hair beneath the weave.

Free is currently in box braids, and I’m loving this style. I will be posting pics and dos and don’ts that I’m experiencing with my protective hair styling journeys in the days to come. I hope that when you pick your protective style its one that’s easy for you to care for, and can fit into your schedule. Why? The whole point in the protective styling is to get them buttas baby! So make sure you do all you can to make that hair grow!  Until next time,


                                                                     Curliegyrl Free


Image                   Image

(New Growth from only 1 month!)            (Deep Conditioning Before Braiding)

Image               Image

   (PonyTail, and clipping ends)                    (Styled- Fishtail Braid to side)


       Box Braids By CurlieFree



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