Is This Candy Even Real? UNREAL Candy Campaign from BzzAgent

Hello Curlies! I have been invited again by BzzAgentto try out a new product for them, and let them know what I think about it. This time it’s on something very yummy! CANDY!!! This candy is called UNREAL Candy. It comes in five different flavors that are similar to the candies we already enjoy so much.

Now the good thing about this candy is its all Natural for you Organic lovers! It has NO CORN SYRUP,NO PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED OIL, NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS, NO GMOs, NO PRESERVATIVES, LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX So basically this is supposed to be a candy product line that is good for you. By using plants, and other natural fruits this candy is packing a powerful punch. Now the big question is , IS IT GOOD??!!! Well people we shall see. Update coming soon! Love, Curliegyrl Free


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