Fabolous Curlies Search For Naturals!

Fabolous Curlies Search For Naturals!

Fabolous Curlies is holding a “Natural Curly” model search! A winner will be selected every three months, and will receive a full size product from three options to choose from. Also, they will be showcased on this blog page, along with our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/fcurlies. 


1.Must be 100% Natural! That means no perms , or chemicals in your hair!

2. Ages- Any! We love all naturals!

3. Photos entered must be your own, meaning it must be you, unless reasons are explained why it isn’t.

4. Winner select one (1) product from the list. 

5. If no response is received by 24 hours after contact from Fabolous Curlies, we move on and select another winner.

6. Must be subscribed to blog http://www.fabolouscurlies.wordpress.com and Facebook page detailed above.

If anyone has any questions or to submit pictures please send to fabolouscurlies@gmail.com

Good Luck! 

Curliegyrl Free

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