Retro Twist Style With As I Am Twist Defining Cream


Heeeyyy! I’m so excited because Free (my hair) has finally got the length I wanted so I could try my As I Am Twist Defining Cream! First off let me say my twist outs had lacked the definition that I desired. They were not on point at all. I tried the As I Am Twist Cream right around my 3 month mark, and it did not work for me. I then set it aside, telling my husband by summer I will be using it. Sure enough , I got the chance to about a week ago. I call this my Retro Twist look.

First I twisted the front half of my head going down into my face. I secured my back with a banana clip using my spritz bottle, and water. I then made sure my ends were saturated and curly enough to my liking. I then tied a hair scarf around the sides, so that it would lay flat like i like.


Now it was time for me to do my makeup. I usually don’t do bright colors, but when I saw the NYX Matt lipstick line , I went nuts. So I decided to put on my orange matt lipstick, and sunset color eye shadow. I went aiming for the retro look. I was so shocked when I started unraveling the front. I have never seen this much definition to my twist outs before.


So here’s my outcome! I think I touched my inner I Love Lucy! lol


And here’s my shoe of choice for the day


Hope you all like it!

Love, Curliegyrl Free


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